Understanding Hardware, Software and Brainware

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Understanding Hardware, Software and Brainware - Hello how are you ? this time I will discuss about the definition of Hardware, Software and Brainware Writer version ..

PC or computer is very useful for our lives. Computers can be used to communicate with other computers using the internet. Something there is certainly a basis or foundation to build from. Same with a computer that has a foundation to build it. Foundation or elements on a computer there are three, namely Hardware, Software and Brainware. Here's a description of the three foundation / components:

Understanding Hardware or Hardware is the components on the computer that can be seen and touched physically. Thus, the physical appearance of your computer may be used as Hardware or Hardware. Examples of hardware are as follows:
 Mouse  (Output Device) 

Input Devices / Input: A Hardware used to enter (input) instruction from the computer user (User). An example is the Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick.

Processing Devices: Hardware is located on a computer to process the enter / input from the user. An example is the processor in a computer.

Output Devices / Output: The hardware is used to generate a process (output) from the computer user (User). An example is the Monitor, Speaker, and Printer.

Understanding Software or Software is the data contained in a computer and then stored digitally doformat. You could say that the software is a component that does not look physically, but contained in a computer. Examples of software are as follows:
Microsoft Office

Operating System: Software that is used to connect the hardware to the user / user.

Software Application: A software that can be applied to meet the needs of users. An example is a software package of office applications such as Microsoft Office and Libre Office.

Understanding Human Brainware or device is a person who uses or operate computer. Examples of Brainware is a Programmer, Netter (the term for people who are surfing on the Internet), and people who are using the computer.

Understanding Hardware, Software and Brainware above would have a relationship with each other. As in the picture, that these elements are associated to create a computer handy.

Hardware computer hardware or if there is no software, the computer is just a machine that is not useful. Because the software is created to fill the functionality of the computer so that creates a computer that has a function to use. And if there is no Brainware to operate, then the computer is merely a machine that does not have a function. It could be said that silence is simply a robot. So, Brainware or the user is one key element to operate a computer in order to create a computer that has the functionality and can produce something useful for the user.

Conclusion Understanding Hardware, Software and Brainware

Thus, it can be concluded that the definition of Hardware, Software and Brainware is an important element to build a computer that is useful to humans. So first of my long time - too long tired Hand To Typing ^ _ ^

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